Google Pixel 2 Live Case

Nike Basketball PG 1

8 BOOKS A YEAR Website

HVW8 Exhibition Merchandise

Sleek Magazine Cabinet

8 BOOKS A YEAR Branding

Bonjour Tristesse はうりん

Schwarm Szmania Branding

Nike SB SP 2016 Design Concept

Kostas Murkudis Posters and Brochures

Richie Hawtin From My Mind To Yours (CD)

Richie Hawtin From My Mind To Yours (LP)

PLOT MUSEeN Magazin (With and for HORT)

Ministry of Sound Event Posters (unrealised concept)

PB 0110 SS 2015 Invitation

Kostas Murkudis Website

Kostas Murkudis 4D Lookbook

Kostas Murkudis Branding

PB 0110 AW 2013 Invitation

PB 0110 Website

PB 0110 Branding